Young Consulting Group

Design ⋅ Strategy ⋅ Code
October – November 2013
HTML ⋅ CSS ⋅ PHP ⋅ JavaScript ⋅ WordPress ⋅ MailChimp ⋅ WooCommerce

Young Consulting Group offers strategic consulting and brand development to Nonprofit Organizations

Project Brief

I was approached by Dan, the Managing Director of Young Consulting Group to perform a total redesign of their existing WordPress site. He specified that the site function like a blog, somewhere he could post frequently to increase his brand reach. He also requested an e-commerce solution be built into the site so he could sell the white papers and other market reports that he published. Finally, he wanted me to initiate a newsletter that he could send to his clients to promote the latest non-profit market research results available on the website.

Project Strategy

I advised Dan that it would be best to focus on building a responsive website, something with a clean design that would adapt well to whatever size screen the visitor was using. With mobile browsers quickly gaining market share it is imprudent to inconvenience a large percent of potential visitors. I also decided on using MailChimp as the email provider and WooCommerce as the e-commerce platform based on positive past experiences with both of their services.

mac screen
Young Consulting Group's homepage

Project Result

Dan was extremely pleased with the resulting website. It scales gracefully for all devices and I set him up with powerful e-commerce, e-newsletter, and blogging platforms. I continue to work with him to populate the site with more information and help him bring his Non-Profit consulting expertise to a wider online audience!

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