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I’m a front end web developer and digital user interface designer living in New Orleans, Louisiana. I love creating engaging & intuitive user experiences, utilizing innovative design techniques to build responsive websites and mobile applications.**

** Okay, I realize that sounds like an awful lot of web jargon… To put it plainly: I like to make web and mobile experiences simple, enjoyable, and effective.

So, what can I do for your brand?

Take a look at some of my past projects in my portfolio, delve deeper into my background and areas of expertise, and download my resume. Check out my caffeinated web dev insights in my blog, and don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your project, full-time position, or to simply talk shop.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Previous Work

My Experience

“Initial Development”

My first computer, a Windows 3.1

I was only six years old but I still remember how excited I was when my family purchased its first computer. My father, brother, and I waited in line for over an hour outside of a Wilmington, Delaware Circuit City on a chilly December morning to buy an AT&T beige box running Windows 3.1. It boasted a state-of-the-art 540 MB Hard Drive and 8 MB of RAM, and it was only $1,099!

My first foray into computer programming came two years later, and it did not end well. My curiosity for code got the best of me and at the age of nine I broke into MS-DOS, began executing commands, and promptly corrupted the operating system beyond repair. Considering the long wait in the cold only a few years earlier, my father was not impressed.

How far computers have come

Fortunately, I have since learned to apply my fascination in more constructive ways. I taught myself HTML and built my first website when I was twelve. It was full of tables and garish colors, rotating GIF images, auto-playing MIDI files, and blinking text. It is most likely the reason AOL decided to abandon their "AOL Hometown". Nevertheless, throughout high school and college I continued to pursue my passion for web design and development while supplementing my expertise studying traditional graphic design, print design, interactive media, typography, illustration, animation, and marketing.

“The Triple Threat”

With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing, Minor in Interactive Media*, from the University of Delaware, I added a business school foundation to my burgeoning love of exceptional design and craftily executed development. Leveraging my knowledge of and experience with design, functionality, feasibility, and business operations perspectives I am able to more effectively conceptualize and produce seamlessly-integrated applications from the planning phase all the way through deployment.

My Résumé

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